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Drive Away your Brand New Car at Half Price with ONIX One-Up System

What Is One-Up System?

ONIX’s unique auto loan system when purchasing a new car, you pay only half price (50% of the retail price).
For general auto loans, you are required to pay for the whole car but with ONIX One-Up System, you are only required to pay half or 50% of the usual auto loan. This system can ease your monthly loan installments.

You can set the remaining installment with ONIX up to 50%. You will allow you to purchase your brand new car at half price.

3 Choices After 3 Years

After 3 years, you can choose from the following 3 choices to finalize the existing Remaining Installment with ONIX.

  • 1.Change your current car to a new car
  • 2.Trade off your current car
  • 3.Continue driving current car

For choice 1 or 2, an assessment on the condition of your car will be performed. If the assessment is high, funds will be refunded & if the assessment is low, you are required to finalize the remaining installment.
For choice 3, you are required to finalize the Remaining Installment with ONIX (Re-application for a new car loan is possible).

One -Up System for All Domestic Make Cars

Not only Suzuki cars but all domestic makes & a portion of foreign makes are applicable for utilizing the remaining installment with ONIX. Please refer to the store for further details.

Store Introduction

SUZUKI Sales Fukuyama-Kita is the only ONIX franchise in the Bingo region.
You can utilize the ONIX’s system of owning a brand new car at half of the car’s retail price.
We look forward to your visit!

ONIX Fukuyama1643-1 Kannabe-Cho,
Hiroshima-Ken, Japan 720-2124
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