BINGO Bankin Corporation

35 years of Body Repair & Spray Works

BINGO Bankin Corporation is a member of BS (Body Shop) Summit

Our store offers a sense of comfort while serving our customers with cleanliness & cheerfulness.
We devote ourselves with the most advanced technology & highest standard of hospitality while serving our customers with accommodating yet appropriate advises. Our practice of adapting the latest technology offers safety & highest quality repair standards.

What is BS (Body Shop) Summit?
BS (Body Shop) Summit is a professional organization of individual companies that offers automobile inspection (Body repair & spray work). The group gathers information & interest among themselves. There after integrating it into bigger operations.
Environment awareness of BS (Body Shop) Summit
By introduction of the newly developed method (BS Panel Tensioner), the necessity of replacing damaged panel parts has significantly decreased. This benefits the safe quality of environment friendly repairing technics as well as contributing to our environment by decreasing CO2.
We follow the counter environment measures implementing the 4R (Reduce, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) in accordance of the “Automobile Recycling Laws” & below mentioned organizations.
BS (Body Shop) Service Network
By utilizing IT networks, automobile recycled spare parts are shared among workshops. The network enhances the efficient use of resources while reduces the cost during repairing. This implementation actively
offers the demands in the customer’s point of view.
Movi-USA(Used Salvage Auction)
By constructing an accident car auction network, an unified management of reusing accident cars & it’s resources can be achieved.

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Body Repair & Spray Works

Frame Adjustment

Currently, we are utilizing GLOBALJIG (Frame adjustment machine) for frame adjustment & body repairs.
When the tires are ripped off or the chassis is twisted (similar to cars after a crash test), the frame adjustment machine & work experience is able to adjust & correct the car’s measurements within the range of millimeters.
GLOBALJIG is renowned as it is manufactured in Italy. The machine’s movable attachments with indicated measurements are located in various positions for accuracy in adjustment of the chassis. Top leading makers in Europe are utilizing the similar machine.

Spray Works

The body color tends to fade due to ageing & exposed weather. We re-spray the body color by precised analysis & mix matching to reproduce the original body color. Rust or corrosion might occur if the body’s dents or scratches are neglected. To resolve this, a prompt body repair & spray work is required.
Best efforts are exercised in the spray booth by utilizing air pressure from top to bottom as to prevent entering of foreign particles.
By utilizing invertors to control the motors in the spray booth, fine & smooth spray works can be achieved.
This system thoroughly sprays the automobile therefore considered environment friendly.
As the temperature of the drying process is automated, outcome of the spray works will turn out satisfactory regardless of the seasonal changes of climate.

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Body Repair (Processing example)

  • Assessment of damages
    Assessment the degree of damages prior labor.

  • Frame Adjustment
    Utilizing GLOBALJIZ to adjust the frame within the range of millimeters.

  • Spare parts assessment
    Careful assessment is considered.

  • Attaching new or used spare parts
    After breakage of the frame, new or used spare parts are attached to restore the vehicle.

  • The process of body repairs is completed
    To begin spray works process.

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Our Car Rental Services

Rental Cars Are Safe
Rental Cars are considered safe as regulations require shorter cycles for mandatory inspections compared to self-owned cars. As we are affiliated with the rental car association & trained with the latest inspection management, you can rest assure our cars are roadworthy & safe.
Our Car Rental Services keeps you at ease
Our rental cars are insured with the mandatory & optional insurance policies with compensation schemes. Rest assure when using our services.
As we are affiliated with the rental car association, we can assist you on the damage liabilities during an event of an accident.

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Store Introduction

35 years of experience in Body repair & Spray work.

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