BINGO Road Service

Road Service during Breakdowns

Summary of Car Trouble & Services

Let our professional staffs promptly assist you on the following car troubles: “Battery gone dead after forgetting to switch off the headlamps…” or “Accidentally locked the doors with the keys in the car…”. We also provide towing assistance during car breakdowns. Our tow truck will transport your car to your designated workshop.

Member’s Privileges

On Site Emergency Services
Key Unlocking
When your car is locked from the inside, we preform Key Unlocking services on site.
Changing to Spare Tire
When you get a flat tire, we preform spare tire changing on site.
Dead Battery Jumping
When your battery is dead, we preform battery jumping via cable to start up your car on site.
Refilling of Gas (Petrol)
When your car runs out of gas (petrol), we will refill up to 10 liters on site.
Other Light Repairs
We will perform emergency light work repairs on site.
Towing Services
When your car breaks down, we will tow your car to your designated workshop.

Service Introduction

We provide prompt car trouble services during breakdowns or accidents.
Our tow truck service will tow your car to the workshop or to your designated destination.

BINGO Road Service1564-1
Kawaminami, Kannabe-Cho,
Hiroshima-Ken, Japan 720-2124
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