Domestic Retailing all Maker’s Brand New & Used Cars

Store Introduction

NETWAVE is the first domestic retail store for new & used cars under BINGO Group that commenced business in February, 2000.
In 2001, Car-Combini-Club was adjoined to provide body repair & spray work services. We aim to become a customer friendly store where customers are free to visit us.
Our cars on display can be considered of good quality. We are also able to search for your car through auctions in Japan if your request is not available in our stock. Compared to other car stores, we offer best prices for your trade-in!

NETWAVE4-3-2 Akebono-Cho,
Hiroshima-Ken, Japan 721-0952
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Staff Message

NETWAVE StaffsThank you for visiting us! Our group provides rest assured & safety service to our customers.

Sales Staff Ms.MORITO MAMIWelcome to NETWAVE! My name is Morito & I started working with NETWAVE from April, 2011. I love cars but still need to learn a lot more about them. NETWAVE is a customer friendly store, so feel free to visit us!

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