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Scratches & Dent Repairs (Processing example)

  • Check depth of scratch or dent
    Before repairing, we check on the damage’s depth & size.

  • Using special tools to pull out the dent
    We use special tools to pull out the dent.

  • Paint removing & putty padding
    After pulling out the dent, we remove the paint & apply putty to pad the area.
    We utilize special hardening type putty.

  • Grinding works to smoothed the putty area
    As special putty is utilized, the grinding process is shortening.

  • Prior spraying, surface foundation is applied
    Layers of surface foundation are applied before actual spraying.

  • Mask taping is applied to prevent mist spraying to other areas
    Protective sheets & other measures are utilized to shorten labor.

  • Color matching (Analysis)
    Upon confirmation of body color, color matching is analyzed & applied.

  • Actual spraying
    Layers of actual spraying are conducted professionally.

  • Polishing Works
    After the spray has dried, compound is applied. By using polishing equipment, the surface will turn waxed & shinny.

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Store Introduction

In 2001, we started operating Car-Conbini Club. The concept of the store is providing quotations within 5 minutes, cheapest repairs in the region & prompt delivery. Our store’s head office has more than 35 years in the car body repair & spray works trade. We also provide loaner cars when your car is being repaired in our store. Do visit us when you have car repair needs!

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