How To Buy

You can purchase our stocks in 5 easy steps

Step 1 – Select a vehicle

Our stocks / Shared stocks

Trade Carview
You can find our stocks at “Trade Carview”


shared stocks in Japan at “AUCNET GLOBAL”

You can continue your inquiry from the stock page’s message or inquiry form.

If you do not find the vehicle of your choice from our stock page or require other services (New car, spare parts or technical translation), please do not hesitate to contact us.

When searching for your vehicle.

Let us know your basic requirements (year of manufacture, mileage, grade, options, color, etc).
Any information will be greatly appreciated to assist us into searching for your ideal vehicle.

Let us know the inspection type or any other documents you require.

We provide B/L (Bill of Lading), Marine Insurance certificate (if applicable), Vehicle Export Certificate & Commercial Invoice when you purchase your vehicle from us.

Some importing countries require additional inspection (JAAI, JEVIC, EAA, MAF, VCA, etc) in Japan
prior shipment. Let us know which inspection you require.

We are able to provide other additional documents endorsed by Japan’s Chamber Of Commerce & Industry. Please let us know the additional documents you require.

Purchasing by INCO-TERMS

You will be purchasing or importing the vehicle by INCO-TERMS (International Commercial Terms).
Please choose from the one of the following INCO-TERMS,

CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight)

This is the most comprehensive term that covers,

  • Price of the vehicle
  • Marine Insurance (Insured up to 110% of your vehicle during the sea voyage)
  • Shipping freight charges
  • Japan customs clearance & documentation
CFR or C&F (Cost, Freight)

This term does not include the Marine Insurance. It covers,

  • Price of the vehicle
  • Shipping freight charges
  • Japan customs clearance & documentation
FOB (Free On Board)

Customers who wish to book their own freight & marine insurance can utilize this term. It covers,

  • Price of the vehicle
  • Japan customs clearance & documentation

Step 2- Countersigning of Pro-froma Invoice (Sales contract) & remittance of deposit

Countersigning of Pro-forma Invoice

After receiving the free quotations & finalizing to an agreeable purchase, a Pro-forma Invoice will be sent by fax or by email. Kindly re-confirm the details, countersign the invoice & send back a copy to us for our reference.

T/T Remittance of deposit

Remittance of deposit by T/T (Bank Telegraphic Transfer) is required. Kindly remit within 3 bank working days after countersigning of the Pro-forma Invoice.
(*Deposit amount differs from the purchase quantity)

Our Bank account
Bank The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd
Branch Fukuyama
Branch address 4-38 Fushimi-Cho, Fukuyama-Shi, Hiroshima-Ken, JAPAN 720-0062
Beneficiary’s Name I.B.B. Co., Ltd
Beneficiary’s Account # For Japanese Yen remittance
For US Dollars remittance
Beneficiary’s Address 1F, 4-3-18, Akebono-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima-ken,
JAPAN 721-0952

Step 3- Prior Shipment of your vehicle

Kindly note our procedures before shipment of your vehicle.

B/L (Bill of Lading) details

Kindly let us know the consignee’s details to be indicated onto the B/L.
(Full name, Address, Phone & fax numbers, etc)

Additional details of your vehicle

Upon request, we are able to provide you by fax or email with additional photos of the chassis / engine numbers & export certificate for your confirmation.

T/T Remittance of balance payment

Kindly remit the balance payment within 3 bank working days.

Shipment of your vehicle

As soon as the balance payment is finalized, your vehicle will be transported to the port & placed on the next convenient shipment schedule.

Step 4 – Sending of B/L & other documents

The B/L & other relevant documents will be sent out by courier service & the tracking number
will be notified by email immediately.

Our prices are stated accordingly to the Pro-forma Invoice.
There are no extra or hidden charges to finalize the contract.

Lastly, please bring along your B/L & other revelant documents to your destination port & retrieve your vehicle.

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