Our new subsidiary, BINGO HOLIDAY Syaken Fukiyama-Kita branch

  • 28th Jan, 2012


We would like to announce our grand opening & new subsidiary,

BINGO HOLIDAY Syaken (mandatory inspection center, certified by Japan’s MLIT) Fukuyama-Kita branch with effect from January 23rd, 2012.


What is Syaken?

Syaken or the vehicle mandatory inspection system is in place to ensure vehicles on Japanese roads are properly maintained & road worthly.

Another reason for this inspection is to determine if a vehicle has been illegally modified. Illegally modified vehicles or vehicles deemed not road worthly by certified Syaken centers or Police will have a red sticker declaring the vehicle not road worthly.


What is being inspected?

You can find more detailed information on what is being inspected at http://www.navi.go.jp/english/inspection/index.html










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