Welcome to BINGO Group Japan’s new subsidiary, BINGO-ATI

  • 20th Oct, 2011

Dear Global Japanese car lovers!


Thank you for supporting BINGO Group, Japan.


BINGO Group, Japan is again proud to announce the official launch of her 10th new subsidiary, BINGO Auto Trading International (BINGO-ATI) & her official website.


Since 1973, our group’s passion is to provide our customers with Total Car Service in Japan.


This hospitality has now extended “borderless” by providing global customers updated stocks & other services (new car, spare parts, translation service)hosted by our dedicated staffs at BINGO-ATI.


For decades, Japanese cars have been renowned worldwide for their quality & reliability. They are still in high demand across the globe till present.As one of the many car exporters in business today, we at BINGO-ATI strive to provide with the most outstanding service to be found anywhere!


Lastly, we look forward to your inquiries & wish everyone good health & happy working for many years to come!


Best regards,


(CEO) Kobayashi Hideo & all staffs, BINGO Group, Japan.


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